New life

When we arrived to Barcelona from Sevilla, I didn't have a flat!  We left our old flat when I went to Lisbon because of some flat problems :)

After Sevilla first night I stayed with Athina. Then I stayed in Verdi Lua's flat! I had some party days when I stayed in Lua's flat. We went Cat Walk and Shoko. I didn't have flat but I had too much fun!

There is one sad thing that Athina was leaving. Her last night, we met with Lua, Vane, Luis, Michele, Sherry, Stef on the beach. We got drunk and felt more sad :( Athina was leaving, incredible!


Last Part-Sevilla

At night we left Lisbon for Sevilla by bus. It was 8 hours. After our 18 hours trip for Lua and me it was nothing :) Me and Athina sit together. Everything was great until the worst smell in my life. I couldn't breath and near to vomit. Athina had flue and normally she couldn't breath, but she could smell this worst fart:)) All bus was smelling and Lua got angry me because I was rude about this :) But believe me my reaction was normal, the problem was the smell. Anyway the smell was coming from one guy in front of us and he started to look at me so bad. But what could I do, I was near to vomit. When we left bus, I was afraid of the guy. However, he didn't hit me :))

We arrived Sevilla at 6 in the morning. We found our hostel, it seems nice. One guy opened the door and he told the rooms are full and we should wait until 12 to enter the room :) Ups we were so tired. Lua and Vane slept on the sofa. When we entered the rooms, we took shower and be normal people again. Lua and we saw Sevilla before. I came Sevilla before with Aubry, he showed me everywhere. Lua and me decided to go Cadiz, Athina and Vane decided to see the city :)

Lua and me took train and went Cadiz. Really nice place, we swam in perfect sea at the end. We saw the city, I bought very nice red shoes :) I love them so much! We took the train to come back and meet with girls.

At night we met with one guy and went one pub. He informed us about Sevilla, restaurants, pubs ex. After he left us, we went one very nice tapas restaurant. Athina and me ate everything :)) We walked around, drank beer. It was the only night we had in Sevilla :(

The next day, we did one fast tour for Sevilla. We saw many place in 2 hours and tried to keep the memories. After this fast tour, we made shopping, ate some tapas and drank beer. At the end left pretty Sevilla and tried to catch the plane.


Lua and me were so happy when we entered the check in :)) We were 4 and we had the tickets :)) Athina was so nervous and she was searching the plane. Athina forgot to give the papers to the woman and they laughed so much because she was funny  nervous :))

We were in the plane, 4 and happy :)

Last day in Lisbon

When we arrived our cool hostel, we got dress and went out. There was one street, I forgot the name again but it includes all bars, pubs, ex.... It was full of people and we couldn't walk or move. We found one pub and bought some cocktails. Then we joined the people on the street and enjoyed it. After all we came back to the hostel and made the next day plan.

In the morning we woke up and went some museums. They were really pretty. Athina found one woman with bike and she asked her about Lisbon. The woman were surprised because Athina knew everything better than her! We had the best tour guide:) 

After museums, we went to the beach by train. I also forgot the name of the beach. I was so sure to swim in perfect sea, but no it wasn't the perfect sea :( I always imagine to swim in perfect ocean :) I didn't care if it is pretty or not I swam! Near the beach there was one small restaurant and we ate perfect fish. We bought some stuff. Then we saw one ice cream place and it had the biggest queue, me and Vane waited this queue and ate so famous ice cream. Hmm that wasn't so special, I think waiting the queue was more special :)At the end of this perfect day, we arrived our perfect hostel to be ready for Sevilla.

We took our last beer in the hostel and we had the perfect wristband. I forgot to tell! Lua bought us special wristband for 3 wishes. We made our wishes and she told us when it left us, our wishes would come true. Mine left me but I don't know what to say :)) I continue to wait...


Third Part!

I took more information from Athina and I remember better :)

Our second day, we visited Sintra. It is so amazing area where you can see many historical place in the middle of the big forest. If you go Lisbon, for sure visit Sintra :) For more information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sintra.

Lazy girls :)) They used train in order not to walk! Me and Athina walked!!

We went by train from Lisbon. After the train, we took bus. From the train station, you can take one map in order to catch everything :) We tried, but I think we missed few things :) We walked so much around this big area. We ate our bocadillos and continued to see more place!

My red feet and Athina's touristic sandals were so funny. My feet were red because I took shower with my red leather slipper. Vane took our picture. Also, I will put another very funny  picture from Sintra :)


                        My red feet and Athina's sandals are the best :))

After this perfect place we came back our perfect hostel Kitche

P.S: There will be more parts to finish this trip :)


Second Part Of Our Crazy Trip

I don't remember so clear, but I think we didn't want to sleep more. We made breakfast with Athina and Vane, sure they were so clean and energetic! Lua and me were dirty and so tired, but happy to arrived there. We told our crazy bus trip to Vane and Athina and they told us what they did (They saw the city without us! jejejeje) We made different plan, Lua and me went to see the city. Vane and Athina went to see more part :) However, after Lua and me caught them and we saw also all the city I guess ;)

Lua and me started to walk inside small streets and we arrived the castle (São Jorge). The castle has perfect view, you should go :) Inside the castle, there was some fashion party. They had some stands, shops and food places. We took some beer and shared one pizza. It was so nice and chilly atmosphere, we enjoyed so much after 18 hours trip! Then we saw the cathedral, it was so pretty also. We walked more and more.

Then we met with girls in the hostel. We took one more beer and we started to look for a place for dinner. We asked people, but we understood people didn't know also :) We went one street full of restaurants and sit some place. We ordered something, but we understood it was so touristic place :) We ate but it wasn't the perfect dinner :) But nobody cared because we were together!


Crazy Trip with Lua, Athina and Vane

I think, I will explain this crazy trip in 3 chapters :)

First part: Plane :)

We organized everything to go Lisbon and Sevilla. First, I bought the ticket for me and for Lua by internet with credit card. After this Athina and Vane bought their ticket. We made the plan and our tour guide Athina read the information for our trip and she bough sandals in order to be a real tourist :) We made our bags and we were so ready. We woke up so early to meet inside the train station. We met and we went to the airport.

                            Athina's real tourist sandals!

When we arrived, we found the place for ticket and we gave our passports and ticket numbers. The woman told Lua and me had no ticket for Lisbon! We said "Impossible!". And the woman told that checked the other area "C" for your plane. We said "For sure our plane is there!" We left Athina and Vane and they went to their plane :) We run to the other area and it was really far! When we arrived the woman told "This is wrong place, your plane is near to go." Then she checked our names and she told that we didn't have names on the passenger's list! We couldn't believe also I was sure that I payed and we started to run the first area again. When we arrived, we learned for sure we had no ticket. We checked the plane ticket's price but they were so expensive. We were crying and shouting! Then we took decision for sure we should go Lisbon :)

First, we checked the train station and we learned to go by train is so expensive also :) We checked the buses and it was also so expensive but it was the cheapest way that time :) We bought our bus tickets and we learned our bus trip will be 18 hours!!! We started to wait our bus, we ate burgers and we bought somethings for the road. Then the time came, and we saw the passengers we said "It will be an interesting trip!"

                                            Decision For Bus!

Then on the road, first we talked so much about everything, then we slept, than we ate, than we stopped on the station and we went to toilet after we ate fish, then we talked again then we slept then suddenly somebody started to shout to Lua! One African Lady started to fight with my Lovely Lua because her seat was so down and the Lady wanted to fight for this! Then Lua couldn't understand so well because the woman was speaking portuguese, then one man helped us and the crazy woman stopped. However, Lua was crying and the woman never said apology:( The trip was crazy when it finished we couldn't believe to walk!

                        Station, so pretty place believe me :))

After we left the bus one man helped us and showed us our hostel. We arrived the hostel, lucky Athina and Vane were sleeping. They were so happy to see us, but we were more happy to see them!


Some Tips About Restaurants in Barcelona

Many people don't have breakfast in Barcelona. They just drink coffee or orange juice. Sometimes they go one bar or cafe  to take coffee  and something sweet. I like to go one bar and eat croissant and drink café con leche (coffee with milk)!

About lunch, they usually start at 14:00. The restaurants have "menu del dia", this is perfect because in this menu, you can find everything. You can have starter, main plate, drink and dessert, this is the cheapest way to eat lunch in a good way! For sure if you want to eat in a perfect way other wise you can have some snack all around. For "menu del dia" check around, so many restaurants have this and all of them have different options and different prices. Be relax and find the best option.

About dinner, they eat so late! First when I was there, I couldn't believe. They are eating around 22:00! May be in your country it is usual, but for me it is strange. Also the strange thing is, the restaurant kitchen is closing around 00:00. I remember, when we were late to go restaurant or bar, we were so stressful not to find something to eat.

         The dinner in Barcelona with my family in Taller de Tapas!

I wanted to write these info in order to help people about hours in restaurants because really if you don't have any idea, it can be so stressful. It happened to me!