Last day in Lisbon

When we arrived our cool hostel, we got dress and went out. There was one street, I forgot the name again but it includes all bars, pubs, ex.... It was full of people and we couldn't walk or move. We found one pub and bought some cocktails. Then we joined the people on the street and enjoyed it. After all we came back to the hostel and made the next day plan.

In the morning we woke up and went some museums. They were really pretty. Athina found one woman with bike and she asked her about Lisbon. The woman were surprised because Athina knew everything better than her! We had the best tour guide:) 

After museums, we went to the beach by train. I also forgot the name of the beach. I was so sure to swim in perfect sea, but no it wasn't the perfect sea :( I always imagine to swim in perfect ocean :) I didn't care if it is pretty or not I swam! Near the beach there was one small restaurant and we ate perfect fish. We bought some stuff. Then we saw one ice cream place and it had the biggest queue, me and Vane waited this queue and ate so famous ice cream. Hmm that wasn't so special, I think waiting the queue was more special :)At the end of this perfect day, we arrived our perfect hostel to be ready for Sevilla.

We took our last beer in the hostel and we had the perfect wristband. I forgot to tell! Lua bought us special wristband for 3 wishes. We made our wishes and she told us when it left us, our wishes would come true. Mine left me but I don't know what to say :)) I continue to wait...

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