Third Part!

I took more information from Athina and I remember better :)

Our second day, we visited Sintra. It is so amazing area where you can see many historical place in the middle of the big forest. If you go Lisbon, for sure visit Sintra :) For more information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sintra.

Lazy girls :)) They used train in order not to walk! Me and Athina walked!!

We went by train from Lisbon. After the train, we took bus. From the train station, you can take one map in order to catch everything :) We tried, but I think we missed few things :) We walked so much around this big area. We ate our bocadillos and continued to see more place!

My red feet and Athina's touristic sandals were so funny. My feet were red because I took shower with my red leather slipper. Vane took our picture. Also, I will put another very funny  picture from Sintra :)


                        My red feet and Athina's sandals are the best :))

After this perfect place we came back our perfect hostel Kitche

P.S: There will be more parts to finish this trip :)

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