Second Part Of Our Crazy Trip

I don't remember so clear, but I think we didn't want to sleep more. We made breakfast with Athina and Vane, sure they were so clean and energetic! Lua and me were dirty and so tired, but happy to arrived there. We told our crazy bus trip to Vane and Athina and they told us what they did (They saw the city without us! jejejeje) We made different plan, Lua and me went to see the city. Vane and Athina went to see more part :) However, after Lua and me caught them and we saw also all the city I guess ;)

Lua and me started to walk inside small streets and we arrived the castle (São Jorge). The castle has perfect view, you should go :) Inside the castle, there was some fashion party. They had some stands, shops and food places. We took some beer and shared one pizza. It was so nice and chilly atmosphere, we enjoyed so much after 18 hours trip! Then we saw the cathedral, it was so pretty also. We walked more and more.

Then we met with girls in the hostel. We took one more beer and we started to look for a place for dinner. We asked people, but we understood people didn't know also :) We went one street full of restaurants and sit some place. We ordered something, but we understood it was so touristic place :) We ate but it wasn't the perfect dinner :) But nobody cared because we were together!

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