Crazy Trip with Lua, Athina and Vane

I think, I will explain this crazy trip in 3 chapters :)

First part: Plane :)

We organized everything to go Lisbon and Sevilla. First, I bought the ticket for me and for Lua by internet with credit card. After this Athina and Vane bought their ticket. We made the plan and our tour guide Athina read the information for our trip and she bough sandals in order to be a real tourist :) We made our bags and we were so ready. We woke up so early to meet inside the train station. We met and we went to the airport.

                            Athina's real tourist sandals!

When we arrived, we found the place for ticket and we gave our passports and ticket numbers. The woman told Lua and me had no ticket for Lisbon! We said "Impossible!". And the woman told that checked the other area "C" for your plane. We said "For sure our plane is there!" We left Athina and Vane and they went to their plane :) We run to the other area and it was really far! When we arrived the woman told "This is wrong place, your plane is near to go." Then she checked our names and she told that we didn't have names on the passenger's list! We couldn't believe also I was sure that I payed and we started to run the first area again. When we arrived, we learned for sure we had no ticket. We checked the plane ticket's price but they were so expensive. We were crying and shouting! Then we took decision for sure we should go Lisbon :)

First, we checked the train station and we learned to go by train is so expensive also :) We checked the buses and it was also so expensive but it was the cheapest way that time :) We bought our bus tickets and we learned our bus trip will be 18 hours!!! We started to wait our bus, we ate burgers and we bought somethings for the road. Then the time came, and we saw the passengers we said "It will be an interesting trip!"

                                            Decision For Bus!

Then on the road, first we talked so much about everything, then we slept, than we ate, than we stopped on the station and we went to toilet after we ate fish, then we talked again then we slept then suddenly somebody started to shout to Lua! One African Lady started to fight with my Lovely Lua because her seat was so down and the Lady wanted to fight for this! Then Lua couldn't understand so well because the woman was speaking portuguese, then one man helped us and the crazy woman stopped. However, Lua was crying and the woman never said apology:( The trip was crazy when it finished we couldn't believe to walk!

                        Station, so pretty place believe me :))

After we left the bus one man helped us and showed us our hostel. We arrived the hostel, lucky Athina and Vane were sleeping. They were so happy to see us, but we were more happy to see them!

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